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RaceVPN Internet Security.

Starting at $12.95 per month
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  • Made To Protect The Entire Family
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Our Benefits

Twice the protection for the same price

We use two layers of high quality encryption, even though our rates are comparable to other VPN services.

Get access to all the speed through the RaceVPN VPN service.

We have worldwide servers designed to deliver a speedy experience to all our clients.

No Hands!

We make sure that it is intuitive to setup our VPN service on all your devices. Spend less time fiddling with the service and more time with your family!

Zero Logging

So that you are completely safe from any third party trying to access your information, we do not keep logs.

Turn it off without doing anything

When the VPN connection breaks for a few seconds, the RaceVPN VPN client will instantly stop internet to that device. It ensures there are no data leaks.

Select the plan that caters to your needs

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Don’t settle for less, be fortified with a RaceVPN

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